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Electro-dermal testing has been in practice for many years with its concept of working with energy widely accepted in western practices.  The root of this testing system is based in Chinese medicine as well as European technology.

Our method of electro-dermal testing is FDA cleared BioMeridian screening which is a non-invasive method of testing for an ever-growing number of health related issues. By reading the body’s energy patterns and measuring its flow in and out of organs and tissue through acupuncture points in the body, valuable information about one’s current state of health is obtained.

Bio-Meridian body testing gives an on the spot excellent and comprehensive indication of an underlying dysfunction that could potentially become a health issue.


90 minutes • $150

Organ Function Screening can reveal imbalances, inflammation and areas of stress in different organs of the body. Results may also indicate the need for a more in-depth investigation by following up with an assessment of lifestyle and health history. Focusing directly on specific testing could also help to better understand the root cause of particular health issues. An excellent tool for one’s overall health.


60 minutes • $100

Discover which foods you may be sensitive to and are negatively affecting the body with our Food Sensitivity Testing. Customize your testing by choosing from a wide array of food categories that are relevant to you specifically. This test provides immediate results which the client will receive.


Combine any two of the following focused tests for $110 or three tests $150.


30 minutes • $70

Parasites are organisms that can be found anywhere in the body living off cells and leaving the body deprived of vital nutrients. They can spread throughout the body and often go undetected.

Parasites are not uncommon and can present as a number of symptoms or health issues such as:

Abdominal Pain; Anemia; Bloating; Constipation; Depression, Restlessness or Anxiety; Diarrhea; Fast Heartbeat; Forgetfulness; Unexplained Heart Pain; Irritated Skin; Joint or Muscle Pain; Low Energy; Sleeping Problems; Yeast Infection


30 minutes • $70

Hormones are incredibly important to the function of the body, as they impact the cells and organs.

Women tend to be more commonly associated with hormonal imbalances, however, men also experience hormone changes throughout their lives, especially as they age. Although each gender has its own unique set of symptoms that occur with a hormonal imbalance, they share the following that could impact their health.

Mood Changes; Fatigue; Hair Loss; Weak Bones; Changes in Libido; Infertility; Changes in Weight; Poor Sleep; Night Sweats; Acne; Brain Fog; Digestive Issues


30 minutes • $70

Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients, working together to perform hundreds of roles in the body. They strengthen bones, heal wounds, boost immune system, convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage.

Discover instantly which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in and need to bring your body back to balance.

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